4 Puptastic Facts To Keep In Mind When Walking Your Dog

Walking your dog can be a rewarding experience. Both you and your furry friend get to embark on an adventure together while exercising your legs. Not only is taking your dog on a walk a great form of physical exercise, but it is also a great mental exercise for you and your pooch as well. While almost every dog will launch into a circling ball of excitement at just the sound of the word “walk”, there are ways you can ensure the walk is the very best experience possible for Fido. Check out these five puptastic facts that you should keep in mind every time you walk your dog and shop our store for the best dog leashes online.

#1: The Nose Knows

You are probably well aware that your pup loves nothing more than sniffing every inch of ground you walk on. Perhaps you spend half your walk encouraging your furry pal to continue moving forward rather than spending ten minutes sniffing the same interesting light pole. While we as humans can rely on our noses for picking up on the most obvious scents, we aren’t even close to the sniffers our dogs are. We have 6 million olfactory receptors in our schnoz, which sounds like a lot until you find out that your pooch has up to 300 million! Their ability to smell is far beyond what we can even imagine. Think of it like this, your dog can smell every single ingredient individually in a pot of cooking spaghetti sauce, while you can only pick out the overall scent.

Next time you are on a walk, don’t “blindfold” your dog. Let him have some time to analyze the world around him through his incredible nose.

#2: Walking Together Is A Bonding Experience If You Do It Right

You know your dog loves walking, but did you know that your pup sees your walk as a form of bonding? You can create a solid relationship with your dog by handling walk time correctly. Practice having your dog pay attention to cues from you on the walk. Implement treats and praise for good on-leash behavior. Walks are one of the best times to work with your dog on training and their obedience to you. Even if you own a home with a massive backyard, don’t neglect this important form of bonding with your dog. Walking together is truly a shared experience of fun, exploration, and learning.

#3: It Is In Their Nature

You get home from a long day of work and want nothing more than to sit on your couch and binge-watch your favorite show when your dog comes prancing into the room with his leash in tow. Why does your dog insist upon routine walks? Well, it is part of your dog’s nature. Dogs are not meant to be sedentary animals and we have spent centuries breeding them to help out with a variety of jobs including herding, guarding, hunting, and other highly physical activities. Frankly, your dog spends much of its day bored, waiting for you to get home, and eagerly anticipating exercise. Going on a walk to see the world is one of the best treats you can possibly give your dog.

#4: A Better Leash = A Better Walk

Here at Waggin’ Tails, one of the reasons we are so passionate about our products is because we know how much difference a good leash can make. We also recognize that the more humans like to go on walks, the better chance our dogs have of getting to enjoy their favorite activity. When you invest in a better leash, your walk will be a better experience. Our leashes feature wonderfully soft and durable handles, which save you from a painful experience should your furry pal get excited. They also offer a secondary handle so you can take control of your dog easily without the need for twisting your leash around your hand twenty times. You can also rest assured that when you shop for dog leashes online through our store, you will be receiving a high-quality product that will keep your dog securely by your side.

Here at Waggin’ Tails, we hope you make time to enjoy a walk with your furry friend today.