Common Courtesies To Practice As A Dog Parent

Having a dog in your family brings you a great amount of joy. From the adorable dance your pup does the moment you walk through the door to the comforting presence of your dog on a bad day, your dog is responsible for enriching your life in so many ways. While you probably think that your dog is the best being on the face of the earth, it is always important to remember that being a dog parent comes with its own set of responsibilities too. Make sure you practice these common courtesies to ensure you and your pup spread happiness to the world around you.

#1: Make Sure You ALWAYS Have Poop Bags

If you have had a dog in your life for more than a day’s time, you probably realize that our furry friends will insist upon taking a big poop at the worst time possible. Nothing is more embarrassing than standing in someone’s yard as your dog does his business, only to realize the homeowner is watching you and you don’t have a poop bag handy. The best rule of thumb for bringing poop bags? Always do it. If you and your dog are leaving the home, grab a roll of bags (one is never enough) and make sure to always clean up after your pet. Leaving poop behind is not only unpleasant for those around you, but it can be damaging to the environment. Take the couple minutes necessary to clean up and leave no trace behind.

#2: Ask Before Meet And Greets

Whether your friendly pooch wants to meet a child, a dog, or any other person, be sure you check with the adult human in the situation before proceeding. Not all dogs are up for socialization, so even if you have the sweetest pup in the land, double check that the receiving party is game for a quick sniff. Some kids are overwhelmed by dogs as well, so if your pal is interested in meeting the kid at the table next to you, double check with the parents that this is ok. If you have a dog that enjoys meeting others while you are out and about, consider bringing along treats so that you can continue to reward good socialization. Offer some treats to the person your dog wants to meet so they can also receive the joy of offering your pal a tasty morsel.

#3: Observe Establishment Rules

Does your favorite restaurant have a no-dogs-allowed policy on their patio? Does your local grocery store have signs posted about not bringing in dogs outside of service animals? Make sure that you observe the rules of any establishment you visit. While it can be a bummer to have to leave your furry friend behind, it is important to respect the rules of any place you visit.

Instead of trying to push the boundaries at places that aren’t dog-friendly, look for establishments that are and support them with your business. Many breweries, bars, restaurants, hotels, and stores have wonderful dog-friendly policies.

#4: Be Sure Your Dog Is Properly Tagged

While we all hope our dog never leaves our sight, the reality is that dogs can become masters of escape. Make sure that your dog is always wearing tags that indicate their name, as well as contact information to reach you. It is also important to learn about any local regulations for required dog tags. For example, some places require that your dog is always wearing a tag with their rabies’ vaccination number, as well as their registration number with the county.

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