How To Travel With Your Dog

For many people, their dog is a very important member of the family and the thought of leaving them for even a couple of days simply isn’t an option. When you are planning on driving somewhere out of state, you likely have thought about bringing your dog on your trip with you. However, you might be a little hesitant if it is the first time you have planned on doing so. Don’t worry! While traveling with a pet can take a good amount of planning and patience, you will be perfectly fine with the right advice. That is precisely what we plan to cover in this blog post. Continue reading below to learn more about how you can best prepare to go on a road trip with your dog with these helpful tips from Waggin’ Tails Co.

Make Sure Your Pet Is Prepared

While you might be all packed and ready to hit the road, your pet may not have the same feeling. The last thing you want to find out right after your trip begins is that your dog suffers from a debilitating case of car sickness. Believe us, being in a car with a sick dog for several days in a row is not going to be a good time for anyone. This is why we would recommend getting your pet ready for a trip in the car at least a few weeks before you are actually planning to leave. You can start simple by taking your dog for rides in the car around the block and work up to longer distances to see how they fair. For some dogs, it might just take a little bit of practice to acclimate to traveling in a car for longer periods of time.

Check Tags & Microchips

Before you hit the road, you’re going to need to make sure that your dog has tags that contain up-to-date information and a microchip that is current and registered. While you may not plan on losing track of your pet while you are on your vacation, you never know what can happen. Having these precautions in place will make it much easier to locate your pooch should you lose them.

Pick The Right Car

When you are going to spend hours in a vehicle, you want to make sure you pick the right one so that everyone can be comfortable and safe, including your dog. If you have a small dog, you can probably get away with traveling in a sedan. However, if you have one or more large pups, you may want to consider taking an SUV or van of some sort. This will make everyone’s trip more enjoyable.

Keep Them Safe

Having animals roaming around your car as you drive is never a good idea. Not only will they distract you pretty easily, but they can also get into things that they shouldn’t. This is why, like you, you should make sure your pet is restrained while on a road trip. There are plenty of seatbelts made for your dog so that they can sit comfortably and safely in your car as you drive. We would suggest you invest in one of these accessories for optimal safety on your trip.

Pack Food, Medication, and Water

As you prepare for your trip with your pet, you may get so caught up in all of the details that you completely forget the basics. Always remember that you are going to need to pack enough food and water to sustain your dog as you travel. Additionally, if your pet takes any sort of medication, be sure that you remember to pack that as well.

Plan Time For Breaks

Even if your dog is a phenomenal passenger, you should remember the importance of taking frequent breaks as you travel. We would suggest you stop every two to three hours tops so that your pup can relieve itself and just stretch its legs while getting some fresh air.

Don’t Leave Your Pet In A Parked Car

While it might be convenient to leave your pet in your car for a few minutes here and there as you travel. However, we would not recommend doing so. Unless you’re in a secure, cool, and covered parking garage, your pet should truly come with you everywhere you go.

Shop Leashes & Collars Before Your Trip

Traveling with your pet can be extremely fun and exciting so long as you know how to do it properly and we hope that you have found the tips in this post to be helpful in planning your trip! If you are searching for high-quality reliable leashes and collars for your pet before your trip, we would suggest you shop the great selection as Waggin’ Tails Co. Take a look at our online store now and pick out the best products for your pet in no time.